Pros and Cons of Quick House Buying Companies

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Quick buying companies offer either to buy your house or will find a third party buyer in a short time and pay cash. They usually buy your property usually at a discount from the full market value. They will often make the sale within seven days.

These companies mainly help individuals who need to raise cash very rapidly, potentially to prevent repossessions, clear debts, sell due to a breakdown of relationships or attempt to get around problems that make a property difficult to sell.

Selling house quickly is great for many people. Regardless of your situation, it’s a welcome change to sell a home in the brief term. But like anything else, there are two sides to this too. We will address the advantages and disadvantages of fast house sales here.


Speed and Ease

From all those market experience cash home buyers are marked as faster than selling with a traditional estate agent. You won’t have to deal with banks or lenders, realtors, etc. You only have to deal with the company or its representative.

It takes months or even years for a traditional estate agent to make a sale, depending on the condition and location of your home.  If you prefer to sell your home quickly or you are in a situation where you have to sell it quickly quick home buyers can be a great option.

As it is

When you are selling through a traditional market you need to rework your home but when it is a quick house sale there is no need for this reconstruction. You may spend thousands of money to update a room, which will not give any return on that investment.



There are many fast home buyers and there are also some murky buyers who aim to cheat you. They will just elongate the sale just to reduce the price at the last minute. Also, expect that they will buy your property for lesser market value.

Hidden Charges

Some company’s fee structures are not always transparent. They will charge hidden charges that will put the seller in a financial falter due to unexpected charge.

Not all quick home buyers are dishonest but always remember to choose the right seller. 

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